Donnelly on Packaging of the World

Design: White Bear Studio Location: United Kingdom Project Type: Concept Packaging Contents: Salad Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Printing Process: Digital printing Since the rebrand, Donnely has stocked in premium stores like Super Value, Fallon and Byrne and Euro Spars, having only launched three months ago there are many other listings in the pipeline. “White Bear fully understood the brief and impressed […]

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POP-CORN on Packaging of the World

Agency: Lasuite Atelier Designer: Laurie Bernard Location: France Project Type: Produced Client: Château Surain Product Launch Location: Europe Packaging Contents: Red Wine Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle Winegrower on the verge of a nervous breakdown … by dint of heating the winegrower he ends up bursting like popcorn … and yes for some people life is hard. Creation of a simple […]

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Allagash Unveils Sparkling Session Ale Designed By Pulp + Wire

For many craft brewers, COVID-19 has presented more than a few challenges, with taprooms across the US shuttering their doors and laying off staff. While sales are up for the Coors and Budweiser’s of the world, craft brewers have had a tougher road to go down, shifting to online sales and curbside pickup.  Earlier this month, Portland, Maine brewery Allagash announced they […]

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ZA beer on Packaging of the World

Design: Maria Vishnyakova Location: Russia Project Type: Student Project School: HSE Art and Design School Tutor: Tutor: Pavel Borisovsky Lecturer: Anna Rufova Packaging Contents: Beer Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle Printing Process: Digital printing Imagine that you are in a Russian bar. Everything is so incomprehensible. The only thing you remember is one toast from that Russian film. Za zdorovie (For […]

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Inside the Studio: Pulp & Wire

If you stroll around the offices of the Portland, Maine-based branding and marketing agency Pulp + Wire, you’ll find a few quotes affixed to the walls, but there’s one that best suits the agency, from a little 1988 John Carpenter movie starring Canadian professional wrestler and all-around legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper called They Live: “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick […]

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