Futuristic, off-grid home features a luxurious interior design

Sleek, modern, flexible and off-grid — this new, futuristic housing concept from Stockholm-based IO House has just about everything you would wish for in a small home. The Space is an eco-friendly, self-sustaining home that provides homeowners with “the most advanced conveniences of modern life with the smallest ecological footprint.”

one-story modern home in forest

According to the IO House team, The Space was designed to be the ultimate abode when it comes to futuristic living. The innovative design is completely self-sustaining, meaning that it does not require outside sewage, electrical or water systems.

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black home with small open-air deck

All of the residence’s necessary systems, such as electricity (solar power), heating and ventilation, have been directly installed into the structure and are controllable via mobile phones or tablets. Everything, from the state-of-the-art appliances to the oxygen level control systems, is controlled with an app. Because of this, the off-grid home can be transported and installed in just about any location.

white sofa, black dining table and small white kitchen in home with glass walls

At just 645 square feet, The Space is a compact home that is covered in rooftop solar panels. The prefab home is built off-site and delivered to the homeowners’ desired location. Once it is delivered, the off-grid home is installed on the landscape using the utmost care to cause as little impact as possible. The exterior is clad in a dark facade that lets it blend in with any location, from waterfront to woodland.

white sectional sofa beside small black dining table

From the open-air deck, sliding glass doors lead into the interior. Here, the ultra-contemporary design really sets the house apart. Sleek and functional, the setting is inspired by the living spaces found inside luxury yachts. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and panels bring in an abundance of natural light and astounding views to boot. The home comes completely furnished with high-end products, but it can be customized to individual tastes. You can learn more about The Space’s futuristic design and technology over on the IO House Facebook and Instagram pages.

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