Hair Goop Pomades on Packaging of the World

A men’s pomade line concept – Hair Goop’s visual identity is cool, classic and calm. The balance of elements feel charmingly simple but with a sense of modern sophistication. There are three strengths, segmented with friendly colors that aim to visually create a feeling of peace. Like ticker tape, the variant strength and hair-finish description run along the tin’s base for ease of identification. Clean and bold – you could find these pomades proudly displayed high on the shelf in your local, hip barbershop.

The character emblem displays a transition from messy, unkempt hair as it flips back then resting perfectly in place, glistening with perfection. And with this, the character’s initial frown becomes a smile. That idea is what this design aims to express – the ritual of preparing oneself for the day (or night) and finding happiness in the process.

In the highly-saturated market of men’s hair pomades, most packaging designs scream for attention – this brand is just coolin’ out. Get some Goop!

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